• Quality repair of all brands of pressure gauges and various other instrumentation products is our specialty. For services ranging from normal repair, conversion from dual-scale to metric or vice-versa, to custom dial installation, the CPW Repair Division will meet your individual requirements.

    CPW REPAIR DIVISION delivers "like-new" quality repaired guages, calibrated to manufacturer's standards, individually packaged and labeled. The care and attention each gauge receives from our trained personnel is shown below.

  • CPW Repair Division

    1.  All internal parts (links, link screws, movements, etc.) are cleaned and checked for
    2.  Bourdon tubes are checked for fatigue, corrosion, repeatability.
    3.  Socket connection threads are checked for wear.
    4.  Bourdon tubes and gauge cases are painted to a "like-new" condition.
    5.  All worn or damaged parts are replaced and returned to the customer unless
         advised otherwise.
    6.  Each gauge is calibrated to manufacturer's specifications.
    7.  Each gauge is returned in an individual carton; identified by brand, size, case
         material, pressure range and connection size.
    8.  Packed in a master shipping carton, all gauges are listed on the packing slip
         accompanying the shipment.


    In addition to gauge repairs, CPW offers repair services for the following:

    - Differential Pressure Gauges

    - Acetylene Regulators & Regulator Gauges

    - Chemical Seals

    - Oxygen Cleaning

    - Re-set Check Valves

    - Recertify Back-flow Test Kits


    When Calibration Certificates are required, we offer:
    1.  Deadweight - actual & deadweight readings at figure intervals, traceable to the
         national standard.
    2.  Three Point - actual & transfer readings at 25%, 50% and 75% of full scale.
    3.  General - certification stating gauge is calibrated to manufacturer's stated accuracy.