In Business Since 1961

CPW Valve & Instrument is a Canadian Manufacturer of high quality, precision pressure instruments, used in a variety of applications around the world.

What began in 1961 as an instrument repair business has evolved into a full-fledged manufacturing operation. We are housed in a modern plant located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   

CPW Valve & Instrument continues its 60+ year tradition of producing top quality, rugged, precision instruments.

CPW recognizes that being able to respond quickly and efficiently to orders or requests is the backbone of good business. We have the capability to meet  the special needs of our customers. 

Periodically,  pressure gauge and thermometer end-users  may be confronted with a concern or problem  related to  proper gauge selection, pressure rating, material selection, gauge repair, etc. When that occurs, we have the experience to solve your problems.

We provide a quality product and we can offer many cost effective solutions for most applications and environments. We can handle the pressure!